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Wingman For Life is a registered 501(c)(3) veteran owned nonprofit


Our Story

If we don't take care of each other, who will?

The organization began its journey in 2016 as two United States Air Force recruiting service members stationed with the 318th Recruiting Squadron in New York City, New York discussed potential options to deter the rising rate of military and veteran suicides. These innovative and entrepreneurial east coast natives, Staff Sergeant Sean Triglia, and Master Sergeant Jason Procaccino, rapidly identified obstacles to veteran resource usage and social connection inherent to military service. On 16 NOV 2016 they committed to their passion project of deploying Wingman For Life as the premier military veteran organization connecting all United States military, veterans, and veteran serving entities for social engagement and professional enrichment.


Wingman For Life is solving a problem:

The veteran community is a decentralized network.

While there are many layers to the problem our community faces, the overarching issue is that all service members, and their respective veterans, become disconnected socially and professionally due to the intrinsic nature of service. In short, these leads to many navigating life seemingly alone.

           Things to consider:

  • Six service branches and up to three components each are spread nationally and globally
  • Constant missions and relocations worldwide cause repeated isolation events; often the member or veteran only knows the individuals they work with locally.
  • Eventual returns to civilian lives through separations or retirements inspire immense levels of transition stress as veterans navigate reestablishment in new cities, identify veteran resources, and seek new employment or education programs for them and their families

"Veterans are often forced to build new networks repeatedly. This exhaustive process must be streamlined to decrease pervasive stress levels which in the worst of scenarios can lead to loss of military and veteran lives."

-Founder/CoFounder Sean Triglia a.k.a. "Trig"

Wingman For Life is the solution:

We have started creation of the first ever centralized veteran social and professional network dedicated to connecting past and presently serving military members with all veteran serving organizations. 


We aspire to be the premier United States military veteran charitable organization connecting all past and presently serving veteran communities for social engagement and professional enrichment by establishing the number one platform for veterans and veteran serving entities to collaborate.

We are achieving this goal by creating new partnerships with motivated veterans, veteran service organizations, veteran owned businesses, and veteran positive entities to coordinate needed resources worldwide.


“One of the most empowering things a person can do is let someone know they’re not alone. There is work to be done within the Veteran community and Wingman For Life is ready to serve in a “wingman” capacity for all members of our community.”

-Founder/CoFounder Jason Procaccino a.k.a "Proc"

Through one another we are elevating veterans, and energizing results.
Can we count on you to be our wingman for life?

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As active community supporters, we are dedicated to organizing events and fundraisers for veterans building connections between past and present military veterans. 

Something for

Our Founders are prior service U.S. Air Force and Air National Guard service members and veterans. We are open to the full demographic of veterans, those actively serving from all components of the department of defense, and military supporters. Whether you are an active serviceman, an ex-military member, or an avid supporter, we have opportunities to collaborate and promote with you.